Docpok overview

    Docpok: A simple health management solution. Docpok is the answer to efficiency, quality, and ease of access for the individual doctor practices, dieticians, pathology labs, diagnostic labs or small to mid-size clinics and hospitals, engaged in providing services to patients and individuals in need of healthcare management. It's a platform where everyone is connected and able to manage ehr needs by sharing data. Shared data among care providers and patients, along with inbuilt intelligence, translate the solution to lower costs, higher quality, and more time with patients providing actual care.

    Docpok lab overview

    Docpok: How lab providers will connect with docpok and patients?

    Note : Quotation process and bill may not be supported in this version.

    Submitting lab results

    Docpok: Submitting lab results for instant access

    Download reports

    Docpok: You can based on date range download reports as pdf's. You may also want to do this step if you are deleting your account. if you are looking for reviewing medical records and download specific records that can be downloaded one by one from medical records view option directly.

    Chat & Message

    Docpok: You can chat and message with doctor/patient and lab provider.

    Change password

    Docpok: If you want to change your password follow these steps.

    Delete account

    Docpok: If you have decided to delete your account please ensure you download all your reports you want to keep with you after deletion your records will not be retrievable. Before deleting ensure you do not have any pending transactions in any of the ares of orders, appointments, bills. Follow these steps to delete. A confirmation will be required before your account can be deleted.

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