Docpok overview

Docpok: A simple health management solution Docpok is the answer to efficiency, quality, and ease of access for the individual doctor practices, dieticians, pathology labs, diagnostic labs or small to mid-size clinics and hospitals, engaged in providing services to patients and individuals in need of healthcare management. It's a platform where everyone is connected and able to manage healthcare needs by sharing data. Shared data among care providers and patients, along with inbuilt intelligence, translate the solution to lower costs, higher quality, and more time with patients providing actual care.

Docpok doctors overview

Docpok gives you a connected platform with easy access to your doctor, patient and all your records at one place.

Processing appointments

Docpok: Process appointments with review records and write prescriptions from one screen switch

Patient records and prescriptions

Docpok: Patient records and prescriptions

Add/ remove labs/ diagnostics

Docpok: Add or remove labs/ diagnostics

Bill & Refund

Docpok: A refund is issued by doctor/lab/diagnostics to patient if the bill was paid by patient but the services were not taken by the patient. The actual refund process like payments happen in the background. The system is just used to document the flow and keep the records updated.

QR Code

Docpok: In doctor's appointment page. A QR code is available. This will help the patients to create their account. What the patient need to do is scan the QR code from their device and simply register or login into their account.


Docpok: Analytics provide information to providers like doctors, labs and diagnostics into some trends of how the business is doing.

Delegate tasks to your staff

Docpok: Delegate some of administrative tasks with ease so you can spend more time with patients

Download reports

Docpok: You can based on date range dopwnload reports as pdf's. You may also want to do this step if you are deleting your account. if you are looking for reviewing medical records and download specific records that can be downloaded one by one from medical records view option directly.

Chat & Message

Docpok: You can chat and message with doctor/patient and lab provider.

Change password

Docpok: If you want to change your user name or password follow these steps.

Delete account

Docpok: If you have decided to delete your account please ensure you download all your reports you want to keep with you after deletion your records will not be retrievable. Before deleting ensure you do not have any pending transactions in any of the ares of orders, appointments, bills. Follow these steps to delete. A confirmation will be required before your account can be deleted.

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