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    I have a sweet tooth, now what?

    You have probably heard of the saying of someone having a "sweet tooth" as the reason for loving sugary foods.

    However, does something like that exist? A sweet tooth is used to refer to the craving of sugary treats. Sometimes sugars are unavoidable in cases of celebration or an occasional indulgence.

    Why do some people have a sweet tooth while some don't? The internet has a wealth of advice for controlling sugar intake. You read about how to avoid them, but have you ever tried to figure out what leads to the craving? Below are three reasons why you might be craving sugar:

    1. Not getting enough sleep

    A potential culprit of increased sugar cravings is less than ideal sleep. Some research has suggested that insufficient sleep results in decreased levels of hormones responsible for controlling hunger and satisfaction levels. 

    2. Limiting how much you eat

    If you intake less protein during your meals, you are more likely to have cravings, and you will search for something sweet an hour or two later. This is why you should make sure to take in a healthy serving of protein and fiber to satiate yourself. While it is necessary to balance your diet make sure you are not eating less than what is recommended for your body weight.

    3. Stuck in a 'cheat day' mentality

    People view cheat day as a fascinating thing to have their favorite sugary treats. Though it's good to have your favorite food sometimes, you are avoiding that food because you know it might not be right for you in some manner. Cheat day mentality can sabotage your attempts of healthy eating habits. This could be destructive for your eating behavior and might even result in always thinking about food which you cannot have.

    It's essential to develop sustainable eating patterns. So, how can you go over your sweet tooth by not getting into trouble?

    1. Indulge occasionally

    You don't need to cut all sugar to have a healthy lifestyle. Feeling restricted will lead to excessive consumption of sugars or even dissatisfaction with your lifestyle. You can choose one meal a week to allow yourself to indulge in a little sweet treat rather than devote an entire day to eating your favorite foods. If you know you can have your favorite food you love, your brain will not feel restricted, and this way, you will savor your favorite food.

    2. Use sugar replacements

    If you have a sweet tooth, try replacing artificial sugars with natural ones. You can munch on sweet vegetables, fruits, or dry fruits like sweet potatoes, raisins, dates, apricots, etc. These sources of sugar are accompanied by plenty of vitamins and fiber, making them better for your body.

    3. Choose your diet wisely

    Choose the snacks and meals which are balanced, taste good and at the same time satisfying to you. Eating for satisfaction will prevent significant blood sugar hikes.


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