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    How different types of pollution impact our health?

    Do your surroundings have pollution? Maybe, yes. Many people consider surrounding things like air, water, soil, etc. to be polluted, but pollution goes way beyond these things. Anything which is contaminated and can harm the creatures and nature is considered as polluted. There are also some activities which harm us as well as the environment around us; we can call this Psychological or mental pollution and physical health pollution.

    But why are they considered as polluting factors?

    Let's consider them one at a time.

    1. Psychological or mental pollution: Sometimes, we fill our minds with negative thoughts, which adversely affects our mental health. Negative thoughts lead to stress, bad mood, less productivity, and a deficient immune system. Psychological pollution contributes to environmental pollution. 

    How? For example, if you are scolded by your boss, parents, spouse, or siblings, you will not feel good and might put your frustration on someone else. Just like you don't like being scolded, the other person might feel the same. So now that person will do the same with someone else, and this will create a bad atmosphere around you. This can happen anywhere, in office, home, or friend circle. Nobody likes to have this kind of environment around them.

    What does mental pollution do to society?

    The pollution of man's mind by jealousy, greed, selfishness, and anger has led to an imbalance in all aspects of life today. And the greatest danger is humans don't recognize the severe impact a polluted mind can manifest. Even the socio-economic environment is also being polluted. Mental pollution has become a global problem and effecting each man in one way or the other.

    2. Physical health pollution: A person's physical health is judged by what he intakes, not just through food but also with water and air. If the air we breathe is contaminated, the water we drink is not pure, and the food we eat is not healthy, intaking them harms our body. We are all aware of this fact but are not able to fulfill health goals. With the most advanced technologies in healthcare, people are sicker today than ever before in history. We all are aware of the consequences of unhealthy eating, contaminated water, and impure air. If you wish to have a healthy body, you need to reconsider the factors which can make your body healthy. 

    How do we guarantee we are not polluting the environment? 

    1. If you are in a bad mood and are about to reply with a negative comment, stop and take three seconds to respond. In these 3 seconds, visualize your thoughts and try to reply politely. Kindness can often be more constructive.

    2. Unhealthy food looks tempting but is not suitable for health. However, if you wish to eat food that may be more unhealthy, try replacing the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. 

    3. Don't pollute the water by flushing medicines or other substances which can disturb the pH level of the water. 

    4. Many people may not know this fact that air conditioners contribute to global warming. So, limit the use of air conditioners when you can.

    An environment is a place for all living beings. Being the most advanced creature on planet earth, it's our responsibility to take care of surrounding things for us, our families, future generations, flora, and fauna. 

    "A healthy environment builds a healthy you." 
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