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    Combating Stress in Students

    With fresh graduates beginning their job hunt or getting ready for more school in a graduate program large amounts of stress begin to follow the short period of relief after finishing your last finals in college or walking your graduation. Despite the stress, it is important not to forget the achievements you have made so far whether that be learning more about yourself or the amount of effort you put in to get that A in that last class. During this time remembering your growth can be helpful not only to your future development but to help you realize that you have accomplished a lot that also came with some failure. Below are some ways to help you deal with some stress if you are experiencing it.

    • Make sure not to forget about your hobbies or interests. Whether it be enjoying a thrilling crime novel or sitting back and listening to your favorite music don’t forget that sometimes you need to be you. Engaging in your hobbies is satisfying for you and can help you get a clear image of what you need to do.
    • On that same idea pick up a new hobby. I can think of some things that I would have loved to pick up during college but just did not have the time to. For example, I wanted to learn how to sculpt, and I can imagine many of you have wanted to experience things that may not have been possible earlier. In the next few months do things which you wanted to like to travel to a new location or do whatever you have always wanted to do.
    • Remember your story. It is important that during this period you think about yourself and your identity. Why did you choose to do what you did? Answering questions about yourself is one way to see new ways to grow. Asking someone else how they see you can also lead to some interesting perspectives on what you seem to like to others.

    In the end, you know you the best, but sometimes the “you” can be lost because of stress and constant worrying. Working on stress will benefit your life and others around you.

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