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    7 ways to manage stress according to experts

    7 ways to manage stress according to experts

    1. Know the signs of stress: Knowing the symptoms of stress at an early stage can help you manage your stress level. Some physical signs of stress are fatigue, irritability, and headache. 

    2. Remember to laugh: You might have heard the proverb: "Laughing is the best medicine." What does laughing do to your body? It activates the hormones which make us happy. Even if you fake smile in front of the mirror for around 15 minutes, then also your happy hormones gets activated, and you start feeling happy. A study found that yoga, laughter, and reading significantly reduce stress levels in the body. 

    3. Do some exercise: Exercise has numerous benefits on our body, reducing stress is one among them. Exercise releases feel-good hormones (endorphins) in the body, and we start feeling happier and less stressed. 

    4. Take deep breaths: Taking a deep breath might help your body to handle stress better. The idea is to get your breath at a slower rate inside your body to activate the relaxation mode of the body. 

    5. Chat with a friend: Socializing has a significant impact on your mental health. Studies found that if you interact with others, then you have fewer chances of psychiatric disorders like dementia, Alzheimer's and you can quickly recover from any chronic disease. In a recent survey, 43% of Americans who said they have no one to turn for emotional support and also reported that their stress had increased the past year. 

    6. Get enough sleep: Taking an adequate amount of sleep every night (around 6-8 hours) is much-needed for the functioning of the body. Studies show that people who are not taking enough sleep every night have more chances of stress building in the body. 

    7. Scale it down: Sometimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and not able to complete them, which becomes a reason for our stress. Studies often point to our high expectations as a reason for higher levels of stress. So try to set lifelike goals for yourself and if for some reason you won't be able to complete that, forgive yourself and motivate yourself to do that pending task the next day. 

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