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    How you can improve your mental health?

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    Clear your mind from all negative thoughts: We get around 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts daily. That's such a vast number, and one cannot imagine how much energy our brain possesses to do these things. These thoughts can be positive or negative. However, human beings have become so stressed in today's life that when they don't have anything to worry, we start thinking about "how is everything so normal today?" So we start worrying about that thing that is not even worth considering. We have become so cynical in our mindset that we are getting depressed and to find happiness again we visit a psychiatrist. Moreover, what does the psychiatrist do? Do they have some supernatural powers to cure our depression? No, they don't. They talk to us and find out the root cause of our distress. We are at this stage where we have to give money to others to talk to us. Isn't it strange? The only thing you have to do is clear your mind from all negative thoughts. It might be a little tough at first, but as soon as you conquer your mind, every day won't seem like a drag. Some negative thoughts will come into your mind (that's the nature of humans), but eventually they will disappear. 

    What to do now? Try to be positive in every situation. Try to see the positive side of the things happening with or around you. Everything happens for a cause and will either give you happiness or a lesson. Nothing is bad in or around us. It's just our thoughts good or bad. You can also start socializing when those negative thoughts come to your mind. Meditation or yoga is also considered the best to eliminate those thoughts. You can also read books on productivity, inspiration, or any other topic you like. Also, always remember if damaging power is inside you, then healing power is also inside you, it's up to you on which thing you are putting your energy into. 

    Spend time with amazing people who are close to you: We are so busy in our work that we often don't get time to spend time with our family and friends. Today we just want to be successful, so we are continually working, forgetting about amazing people around us, food, sleep, and other things. Not interacting with others can have a significant impact on our brain. We tend to start feeling lonely, which can lead to depression and other serious mental illnesses. Try to take some time for the people around you. Talk to them, go out for lunch, play with your kids, share your thoughts and emotions with your spouse or best friends and parents. These little activities can help you strengthen your work and mental illness, besides giving you a positive attitude towards your life. 

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