Health Care and AI ML

    How healthcare look like in future?

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    In the present day, health care services rest on the backs of the innovation giants that came before us, but we need to take large steps towards modernization if we are to keep up with the pressures placed on our medical services today.


    The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning for use in the medical field has the potential to help solve some of the larger issues facing modern medical providers. From understaffed and underfunded medical practices to tracking and caring for more sensitive conditions, machine learning and artificial intelligence could help support a larger network of patients. Tapping into resources like the Internet of Things(IoT) that helps track patient data from a wide array of sources, such as personal health trackers, could allow doctors to detect issues before they become life-threatening. Not only that, but the connective properties of artificial intelligence paired with the internet of things could help reduce the number of medical deaths that occur each year.

    Though these systems are still being tested, it is important to remember that innovation has been at the heart of the healthcare system since the beginning. In order to approach the problems of the future, we should look back and see the problems we have already conquered in order to help us properly approach the future.


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