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    Impact of food choices you make when you are away from home

    Food choices you make when you are away from home

    We often have to go away from home whether, for work, school or vacation and we have to eat while we are away, so the question is what to eat and how eating out has to be done carefully to avoid unhealthy food. Eating is an essential part of our life, but it's also important what you eat and how it impacts your body and mind. Being away from home is already tolling for the body so sleep well and eat well are important mantras for you to achieve the purpose for which you went out. 

    Let's look at various circumstances around the food choices we make while we are away from home. 

    1. The modern food industry has more of sugar, caffeine, fat, food additives than proteins and fiber. These ingredients look much more appealing to our taste buds than salads. When you are out you are surrounded by more of such options, and we end up choosing foods having a high calorie with a sugary drink. 

    2. Unhealthy food is inexpensive, which makes it appealing to people when traveling and considering you do a lot of other expenses, putting you mentally on a budget.

    3. While away you had a purpose and are primarily dealing with the activity. This makes you spend minimal time for making food choices, hence you are much likely to go for items which are readily available, easy, taste bud friendly and quick to quench your hunger. 

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    So how shall one navigate not to get trapped into eating unhealthy processed food?

    1. If you are in the market and stop at a fast-food joint, your choices will be limited to fast food only. But if you instead go to a grocery store which offers raw healthy food like fruits, nuts, hummus or a salad bar, you will quickly expand your food choices and reduce junk food temptations.

    2. Eat less, eat quality and more frequently. Keeping and munching on a pack of nuts, a banana, an orange, whole grain cookie pack, the water bottle will keep you filling during the day. So when the time comes to make lunch or dinner, you tend to choose lighter items like salad or smaller portions for unhealthy food. 

    3. Walk where you can this will save you some money as well as give the advantage of exercise. Things like walking to a place of lunch or dinner nearby can serve multipurpose.

    While you are away, think about what to choose as while healthy food makes you strong, healthy and wiser; unhealthy food choices can leave you with diseases: not anybody wants. 

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