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    How does someone become a patient?

    How to avoid becoming a patient at a hospital?

    Do you want to fall sick and visit the doctor's office or want to be an outpatient because of illness? No, right? No one wants to fall ill and visit the doctor, but we still have to. Why? Many factors contribute to diseases like environment, lifestyle, and genetics. Being sick will make us restless, and we don't want to do our day to day chores like making dinner for yourself after office, going to meet friends, or any other such activities. When a person is healthy, he is more likely to work efficiently at the office, meet friends after work, cook their dinner, and much more.  

    Our lifestyle, which includes sleep patterns, eating habits, and exercise, is one of the crucial factors of playing a vital role in our health. Unhealthy eating habits can make us obese which has a considerable impact on the heart. Not opting for exercising in daily routines will make you feel sluggish during work or study.

    Visiting a doctor's office for a regular health checkup is a different scenario, but visiting because of illness caused by your lifestyle is entirely different. Some diseases are likely caused by a confluence of factors that includes a person's choice of lifestyle, genetics, and environment. Skin cancer, for example, is usually the outcome of people spending too much time in the sun without protection from UV rays. Condition like heart disease can be caused by poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle or can be caused due to genetics though we cannot alter our genetic code we can significantly reduce our chances to get affected by heart disease by changing our lifestyle.

    A significant contributor to these diseases is stress. Stress can cause an imbalance in the body and can have a significant impact on factors like sleep, indigestion, early aging, and much more. Some of the symptoms may include fatigue, upset stomach, restlessness, impatience, irritability, shortness of breath, difficulty in concentrating, and headaches.

    How to avoid becoming a patient?

    • Exercise: A brisk 30-minute walk every day will help you burn 1500 calories a week, which is 78,000 calories a week. Cardio exercise is good for the lungs and heart.
    • Schedule fitness time with family and friends: You can hike the hills together, chase a Frisbee, or play any of your favorite physical games. This will help you build social relationships and reduce loneliness and stress.
    • If you are feeling depressed, try to engage in activities that you like or talk to other people. This will help you stop thinking about bad things and can help you avoid being stressed.
    • Eat a healthy diet: Try to avoid unhealthy eating habits at work or when you are outside. Try to carry some fruits with you, so whenever you feel hungry, you can always have one, which will help avoid being obese.
    • Hydrate body with water: Always try to carry a water bottle with you and attempt to drink at least eight glasses every day. Avoid drinking soda, coffee, or flavored drinks at work or outside. These drinks have high-calorie intake and can disrupt your diet by adding extra calories with no benefit.


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