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    Why being kind to people around you makes you healthy?

    Why being kind to people around you makes you healthy - it's contagious and multiplies. 

    Have you ever helped any person and feel good from the inside? I'm sure you did. When you do charity, helping an old person cross the road, helping your friends and family in their work, often feels so good doing it. You know why? It's because giving others than receiving makes us feel better and it's even backed up by research, which shows that helping others benefits mental health, helps reduce stress, benefits physical fitness, and also improves emotional well-being. There are so many different ways by which you can help others in your everyday life. Doing good deeds doesn't take so much of your time or even cost you money for that. 

    What health benefits do you get?

    1. Feels good from inside: Helping others promote positive psychological changes in the brain which are associated with happiness. These positive changes will often lead to calm and well-being for more extended periods. It can also encourage us to live a more physically active lifestyle, improves social support, helps in engaging in more meaningful activities, distracts us from our problems, and lastly, helps improve our self-esteem and competence. 
    2. A sense of belonging and reduces isolation: If you be a part of any social network, it can lead you to a sense of belonging. Doing some face-to-face activities such as volunteering can help reduce isolation and loneliness.
    3. Helps to keep things in perspective: If you see your life from a different perspective, it can change the way you see yourself. Many people don't realize this impact of a different perspective on their selves. Try giving food to someone who has little or little money to buy that, when you see that smile on their face; you will start feeling that life is a blessing. Moreover, also you will be de-stressed about all the things you are worried about, and you want to help others more and more. If you help some who are in need regularly, then it will have drastic positive changes in your life. 
    4. Make the earth a happier place to live in: These small acts of kindness will make the world a pleasant place to live in. Moreover, it can also improve optimism, confidence, and control in your life. These acts will encourage you to do the good deeds again and again which contributes to a possible and optimistic community. 
    5. More you will do for others; you are doing more for yourself: If you do acts of kindness so frequently, then it will be deposited in your mind. Just as in a bank, the more you accumulate, the more you will reap the benefits in the future. Likewise, the more good deeds you will do, the more it will be deposited in your memory, and you will automatically tend to help others and be happy all the time. 

    What physical benefits do you reap?

    1. Reduced stress: If you are not stressed that means your body is healthy which means you have a good immune system and you are less prone to diseases. 
    2. No negative feelings: Negative feelings like aggression, anger, or hostility can hurt mental and physical health. Small random acts of kindness can help decrease these feelings and will stabilize overall health
    3. Help us live longer: Good deeds will help increase how long we live. A study of old people shows that people who give support to other people live longer than the people who don't.

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