Health Care and AI ML

    To what extent has AI influenced the healthcare industry?

    AI is being introduced to various fields and so in healthcare. Since its introduction to healthcare, we have seen a huge and positive impact on the lives of patients and doctors.

    The introduction of AI has to lead to advancements in healthcare treatments, such as monitoring treatments, analyzing the data of the patient to provide better treatment options, and much more. AI allows faster diagnostics by identifying the signs of disease in medical images like x-rays, CT scans, MRI, and ultrasound.

    Today we want the answers to our queries as soon as we can, AI can help you get it through the feature virtual assistance, patients can get their answers in real-time for their medical inquiries. Patients can also get reminders about taking their medications, report information, and gain other medical support.

    Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reduce the cost of the treatment around 50%. AI leads to betterment in efficiency and precision which means fewer human errors and leads to a decrease in a visit to a doctor.

    One more benefit of AI in healthcare is the ability to design treatment plans. Doctors can collect patient information, order tests, and prescriptions, record diagnoses, and prepare billing information.

    AI could influence the healthcare sector positively and efficiently. AI doesn't replace doctors but will be a support for them.

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