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    Are your employees doing well physically and mentally

    A new KPI for companies:  How healthier your employees are getting overtime physically and mentally

    Employers are getting better at taking care of their employees like offering snacks/ meditation, gym, counsellings, and much more. All these things are used to create employee satisfaction and to deal with the competition to retain employees. All these facilities are subjective in nature. It's not known if these things make the employees healthier or happier and how much of these facilities they are using. The only KPI kept is for the attrition rate.

    There is possibly one more KPI needed to track employees mentally and physically healthy. What's the employer doing in contributing to their health? How are the employees utilizing the facilities? The employer can't go into every individual life and figure out and solve the problem. But, employers can sponsor health camps for all the employees, without highlighting each and based upon that cumulative data, make some policies to cure that. For example, if a survey shows that the blood pressure of 56% of employees, let suppose, is high; then employers will make policy around it and again survey after some time to see whether the KPI of the health of employees has improved or not.

    So what policies an employer opts for their employees?

    1. Create a positive environment, advise, and help employees to curb stress or anxiety.
    2. Take employee's time to have rest to recover from physical well-being.
    3. Conducting seminars or workshops related to health and stress coping techniques.
    4. Managing food in the cafeteria.

    What can an employee do for their employer when hit by mental or physical disturbance?

    1. Keep track of your daily stressors and understand what triggers you and build coping techniques to prevent stress from becoming prolonged.
    2. Take a day off when you are feeling sick.
    3. Take advantage of seminars and workshops held by the employer, and even reach out for help if you need it.
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