Health Care and AI ML

    How will robots shape healthcare in the future?

    Robotics introduction in healthcare is done to influence future practices. Robots can interact with the patients by helping them to consume their food, handle delivery tasks in hospital corridors, aid mentally disabled persons and even in operational functions. These reasons contribute to the adoption of increasing rapidly in hospitals and help doctors to save lives.

    By providing preventive and other assistance to the hospitals, medical robots are already eliminating human error, bringing down the healthcare costs, reducing operation time, streamlining operation theatres, and most important, free-up the staff for other important aspects.

    The following factors are the growth drivers for robotic introduction in healthcare:

    • technological advancements in developed countries
    • increasing demand for surgical procedures worldwide
    • rising incidences of chronic diseases
    • increasing funds for the development of robots in developed countries¬†

    AI and robotics will help healthcare make sustainable and much more efficient in healthcare.

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