Health Care and AI ML

    Are your finances really greater than your health?

    Why keeping control of your health progress is as important as your financial progress?

    We all have heard a lot of things about financial management to preserve our wealth and grow it. Many tools are used to track the financial progress and constant adjustments in investments on the financial side to keep our money safe and growing.

    When it comes to health, we tend to take it for granted. We neglect it when we make food choices, we ignore it when it's time to exercise, we delay it when it's time to go to a doctor for primary care and annual checkups, when it's time to drink water we forget about it, when it comes to keeping the mind healthy we forget about meditation and many more things we do not do for our dear mind and body to keep it preserved and free from future risks of diseases.

    What are the reasons?

    1. We tend to be busy in other daily affairs unless we have pain in the body and the body is crying for help. By that time it's too late, and some damage is already done.
    2. We tend to please our taste buds and our social circle by picking the food they like, not what's good for our health.
    3. We may prefer to binge-watch television, browse the internet, spend time on social media, instead of visiting social gatherings and gym.
    4. We tend to be carried too much by social norms by waking up late till night and not get enough sleep.

    Advantages of keeping track of your health

    1. When we are healthy, we can produce more by being productive with a healthy body and mind resulting in more wealth creation on the financial side
    2. With a healthy body and mind, you can spend more quality time on activities with friends and family enjoying various activities in nature like hiking, swimming, etc. making you further healthy
    3. When your mind and body are healthy, you get more innovative ideas in your workplace or whatever else you do by being efficient.
    4. As you will have more time and energy, you can build more social relationships by volunteering and helping others.
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