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    Primary Care: Why it Works

    Why primary care is so effective if people get it in time and correctly?

    Primary care, as the name suggests, is the first line of defense or prevention in the healthcare system. A primary care provider helps patients with day to day health issues as well as diagnose the diseases which could be critical for short or long term health of patients. The diagnosis by primary care provider determines whether the nurses or doctors in the doctor's office constitutes of:

    • talking to the patient
    • doing a physical examination of body parts
    • looking at the behavioral gestures 
    • doing lab tests 
    • observing the diagnostics reports
    • providing vital for illness

    Why is primary care so effective if people get it in time and correctly? - Docpok

    Why is it essential to have trusted primary care always handy?

    One can bounce any problems real or perceived. It’s not only about physical problems when you want to talk to your doctor, but it could also be your long-term health, things like lifestyle. The primary care provider sees so many patients in the lifetime and typically stays with them for a good part of their life that he can be a good lifestyle coach. 

    They are like a life manager providing you tools required to manage your lifestyle in the form of:

    • basic health care 
    • preventive care
    • awareness about how current health status will be maintained to avoid deterioration 
    • knowledge about health status
    • information about lifestyle factors affecting the health

    They check your progress see and interpret results from various tests to intervene at the earliest stage of any disease and put you in touch with a specialist as and when required. It does not matter you have fever, pain or require maintenance of some chronic health condition or a deficiency of some vitamins or other issues reflected by your labs.

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