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    Electronic Health Record - Evolution in Healthcare

    On average, we all visit a Healthcare provider about hundreds of times in our total lifetime. That’s hundreds of blood pressure readings, various diagnoses, and hundreds of entries into a patient’s medical record and that’s possible with quite a few different doctors. So it can be understood, that patients would struggle to keep every provider up-to-date on their medical history.

    Electronic Health Record (EHR) - This term refers to computer software that physicians use to track all aspects of patient care. Typically this broader term also encompasses the practice management functions of billing, scheduling, etc. The following are the benefits that tell us why we need electronic health records.

    EHR must be user-friendly, free, or inexpensive for physicians and lessen the workload, but modern systems are far too cumbersome to finish this task. The more complex and structured the program; the less likely it appears to enhance patient care while increasing the physician's responsibility at the same time. Few necessary care physicians have weighed in on technology needs because we are busy seeing 20-40 patients per day. We do not need machines to think; we need them to do the documenting with speed and efficiency.

    Versatility is crucial in any electronic system to intensify care quality. Using a simple, primary, and more customizable interface would allow each specialty to tailor the structure to fit their individualized needs.

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