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    The value of smile at doctor's office

    The value of a smile at the Doctors office

    Healthcare is not only about diagnosis, giving medicines, and doing procedures. It encompasses much more, the motivations your healthcare provider can provide you, the tools you can have to maintain your health, knowledge, and information to relieve you from the pressure of unknown’s and most of all the smiles you get while you are visiting your care providers office.

    You enter the office with somebody smiling and asking how you are doing today, even when in pain you smile back and say I am doing good. Ever wondered why automatically you say so although you were there since you had something you wanted to be taken care of because your brain gets you in thinking of resort, you get the same welcome as you get when you visit a resort for fun and your mood changes. Yes, even you go on vacation to make yourself and your mind healthy by giving some time to yourself with family and friends. 

    Since patients are the reason doctors are in business, they must make them feel comfortable. A satisfied patient can make your business grow by recommending to their family and friends, and can even return to you in the future.

    The value of smile at the Doctors office - Docpok

    You realize the essential point of touch for you is that reception and nurse. Next come the expertise and compassion while taking your vitals, discussing any issues with you, taking notes for the doctor, making you comfortable even if your BP is high with the words “it’s just a bit on the higher/lower side.”

    This creates a trust, a stronger bond and for treatment to work, faith and bonding is the most crucial factor.

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