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    Benefits of weight loss to the environment and people

    Benefits of your weight loss to mother nature and people around you

    When you lose an overweight portion from your body, you reap a lot of health benefits, we all know them and have heard of them. Yes, we know obesity is the cause of most diseases and becoming the biggest challenge in healthcare. So, keeping an eye on your weight and food can help you stay away from all those deadly diseases. Recently while looking at what else get impacted when you lose weight, we found some interesting positive side impacts on mother nature and people around us. This list shall further motivate you to lose or maintain obesity free lifestyle.

    Benefits of your weight loss to mother nature and people around you

    1. When you lose weight, you put less weight on mother nature.
    2. You consume less clothing material resulting in saving of all the gases emitted during the cloth creation
    3. You eat less food resulting in providing food to hungry people 
    4. You tend to be more active doing walking instead of using your vehicle all the time further reducing gas emissions
    5. The material you use like chairs, beds, couches all last longer resulting in less replacement cycle and again saving on gas emissions
    6. You eat less packaged food resulting in sparing landfills and fewer chances of putting plastic in landfills
    7. You spread happy face smile resulting in happy people around you. We know that smile is contagious.
    8. You motivate others by your sheer look and feel to reduce weight resulting in a chain reaction
    9. You spend more time outside hence consume less of everything energy
    10. You visit doctors less frequently creating more room for people in need and improving healthcare cost for all
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