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    My Plate or food pyramid: The role of balanced diet

    With a million different recommended serving sizes out in the world,

    sometimes it can be hard to tell what we should or shouldn't eat. In many cases, there is such thing as too much of a bad thing, and not getting a balance of the right foods and veggies can contribute to a whole range of issues, from calcium deficiency to mood swings. While the food pyramid was the standing guideline for many years, it wasn't always the best at helping people figure out how much of each kind of food they should eat. That's where MyPlate comes in.

    MyPlate is a visual guide to help you track what kinds of food you are eating, and how much. Using the visual representation of a dinner plate, MyPlate lets you know what kinds of foods you should be eating, breaking your plate up into an easy-to-see reference guide for meal planning or snacking on the go.  Broken up into fruits, grains, proteins, vegetables, and dairy, the MyPlate system allows you to have a healthy diet without struggling with serving sizes. Not only can you see a general division for your food types, but you can also check on the recommended serving types for each calorie bracket, from toddler to bodybuilder and everything in between. With personalized plans to help you get the right care, you need for your personalized health.

    Healthy diet and healthcare

    When it comes to keeping you healthy, your doctor needs all the information they can get. Ranging from personal health and physical exercise to dietary needs and nutrition, making sure they have all the facts can help your doctor keep you healthy and help stave off larger medical problems down the road. However, when it comes to tracking the ins and outs of your dietary needs, sometimes it can become hard to figure out what you're eating on a daily basis without keeping a comprehensive food journal. This is where personal fitness technology and Artificial Intelligence(AI) can come into play. By allowing your medical professional access to a wide range of personal health trackers, and by keeping track of your diet, your doctor can help you make informed decisions about your personal health. Not only does keeping track of your portion sizes using the MyPlate system help you stay happy, healthy, and well-fed, it can also allow your doctor to point out potential health issues or allergies before they become serious.

    By keeping track of your own health care, and by working to control and monitor your portion sizes to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need, you can help your doctor maintain your overall health. Your body is a complex machine, and as such it's important to make sure you are getting the right amount of high-quality food so that you don't end up with more severe issues down the road. Combining a good diet with regular exercise can have lasting impacts on your health that can help keep you healthy for the rest of your life.


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