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    Fitness family friends: Impact on your healthcare costs

    Fitness family friends: Their impact on your healthcare costs

    With the rising cost of healthcare, balancing your health has become more important than ever. Medical expenses can be financially crippling and can put a large strain on every aspect of your life. When it comes to avoiding costly medical procedures and up keeping your health, it may not come as a surprise to you that fitness, family, and friends can all have significant impacts on your medical health and your susceptibility to illness. What may surprise you is how artificial intelligence could act as a connecting tie between these three health factors and could be the link that helps medical professionals track and treat medical problems long before they become overwhelming. 


    The idea that personal fitness impacts your health should come as no surprise. After all, doctors are usually the first to sing the praises of regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, for many patients, these actives fall by the wayside or go unmonitored. While it's easy enough to tell your doctor that you have been regularly exercising five days a week, we all know a few white lies slip in here and there. This is where artificial intelligence finds its way out of the world of science fiction and into the world of healthcare using the Internet of Things.

    In short, the Internet of Things(IoT) is a complex system of interconnected devices that act as data collectors. These data collectors can help take information from things like personal fitness trackers and put them at your doctor's fingertips. While this may seem a bit scary, it would be able to help track the amount of exercise you are routinely getting, as well as your nutrition intake, and would allow you and your doctor to formulate the right healthcare routine for you. Being able to track these external factors would allow you to gain more comprehensive healthcare treatment, and could help you avoid costly medical bills down the road. 

    Family and friends

    The genetic history of your family plays more into your health than you may realize. With help from artificial intelligence, doctors are beginning to be able to track the various factors that can stem from a person's family history. In turn, this allows them to track potential hereditary illnesses long before they happen. This can make catching certain life-threatening diseases earlier much easier, as artificial intelligence programs can often detect connected symptoms that the doctor may miss early on. This alone can help lower your medical costs and help improve the future of healthcare, as the more information medical professionals have, the more effective their treatments can become. 

    While having friends can be a huge impact on your mental health and can improve your quality of life, artificial intelligence in the healthcare field could become your newest friend. Yes, the metaphor is a bit stretched there, but being able to have a personal analyst that can watch out for potential issues in your medical background, can help your doctor deliver more personalized care and can help save you thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. Moreover, the benefits would extend past just you. Imagine if doctors could keep track of your health without you ever having to set foot in their office? With artificial intelligence in the medical field, you, your family, and your friends could all be on the path to lower, more personalized healthcare. 


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