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    What can be done to combat loneliness?

    Read first part - What is loneliness?

    What can be done to combat loneliness? 

    Loneliness is not a disease; it's a state of mind which can be cured just by making a little effort by you and the people around you. Making small changes can impact your health and happiness in the long run. First, we have to identify and spot loneliness. Look for the following characteristics to spot loneliness:

    • Tiredness/always tired
    • Possessiveness with materialistic things
    • Getting stress more often with little things
    • Spending more time on social media/ continuously watching tv
    • Staying away from social gatherings
    • Overeating resulting in weight gain

    What can be done to combat loneliness? - Docpok

    For combatting loneliness following can be useful 

    1. Understand the factors which can lead to loneliness: If you figure out what makes you feel lonely, handle it. Whether it's a friend, family member or any other person or thing. Never let any outside factor affect your inner peace. 
    2. Help someone: You can opt for community service or any other activity you enjoy. By helping others, it makes a positive impact making you feel well-connected and helps with your mental health.  
    3. Focus on blessings, not problems: When you focus on the things you are blessed with, you will feel positive changes in your self. You will feel your problems are much less when you start seeing the blessings in your life. So show gratitude as much as you can.  
    4. Focus on developing quality relationships: Sometimes it's good to leave some connections behind if it's not working anymore. You can make new relationships with people having similar interests and value just like you. 
    5. Accept rejection: Rejection can be a powerful source of motivation if it's taken positively. It's ok to get rejected; not everyone will accept you the way you are. You have to admit your good and bad qualities and either move on with them or improve them. It's always your choice, not anyone else. 
    6. Love what you do: If you start doing what you love, you will be less bothered about the activities which don't make you happy anymore. If you love dancing, join a dance class; or play your favorite sport or cooking; it can be anything; make sure you are happy with what you are doing. 
    7. Socialize more: Talking with others makes you feel less lonely. You don't have to start talking to anyone you might don't even know, what you can do is communicate with your close friends. It doesn't matter how much quantity of friends you have, but quality.  
    8. Spend time in nature: Studies have proved that people who spend time with nature are less likely to feel lonely. If you go on a walk alone (or with someone), you will feel that nature is your friend; the grass, the trees, the birds - it seems like they are talking to you. It creates so much positivity in you in just one day. Now imagine how you are going to feel if you go every day. 
    9. Mental and physical exercise: If you do some physical and psychological exertion every day, it doesn't make you feel distressed about the things happening in your life. You will be less affected by the events happening around you. 
    10. Always see things positively: Always remember that events happening around you are happening for you, not against you.
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