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How to be kind to people around you?

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How to enhance yourself? 


One good way of helping others is to volunteer. Activities for which you can volunteer could be:

  • A member of a local neighborhood watch
  • Volunteer to help the people in need of developing countries  
  • Support as a counselor or mentor and offer expertise to someone who is in need
  • Involve in a charity program
  • Advocating for programs you believe in 


Mentoring, counseling, and listening are all different forms of peer support. Here, members of self-help groups, colleagues, and others meet and support each other. Peers share knowledge, experience, offers advice, and emotional support, which is beneficial in growing as a person. 

You can get started with mentoring from the below few ideas:

  • Help some who are going through depression, anxiety or any other mental issue. It can help improve their self-awareness and confidence.
  • Mentor young pupils to assist them in their school or college
  • Advise people having a chronic illness like diabetes 

Do something for a good cause

If you are involved in a good reason that is close to your heart can be beneficial for both the purpose and your sense of achievement and well-being. 

Why being kind to people around you makes you healthy - Docpok

Random acts of kindness

Not sure what and how kindness looks like? We have put some ideas for you:

  • Help someone who is going through a stressful time
  • Offer to babysit for a friend
  • Help your mother in household chores
  • Always say thank you if someone helps you
  • Offer water to the people or staff working for you in your home
  • Be polite with others eternally
  • Try to pick up groceries for your elderly next-door-neighbor 

At work

  • If your colleague makes some mistake, don't scold them instead of being polite in telling their mistake
  • Say good morning
  • Talk to a new staff member to make them comfortable
  • Offer your food to your colleagues
  • Praise your colleague when they have done something well 

In public places

  • Pick up the trash lying around in parks or streets
  • Help someone who is carrying something or hold the door for them
  • Help old people cross the road
  • Let a fellow driver merge in your lane
  • Give your seat to disabled, elderly or pregnant women
  • Help a tourist who is lost even if you are in a rush 

The more you will do for others, the more they will do for you, and eventually, you will also start feeling better. With this in mind, you can try to help others once a day for a week and see the improvements in your self. Track how your levels of stress go down and happiness increases.

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