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    Sleeping with Phone Screens

    Smartphones are supposed to be a tool to make our lives easier, but as it seems we have become a tool for smartphones. We are using it this much that we can't think even about not using it. Addiction to using mobile phones excessively can lead to the end of your creative production. Using your phones in the morning can cost you your fortune. Successful persons keep themselves away from the distractions caused by these smart things for an extended period during their day.

    We are trapped in our phones so much that it is leading us to digital dementia, a term which means spending much time of your day in front of white screens. Research reveals that an average person checks their phone around 200 - 500 times every day. We check our phone, emails, play games, watch a video, texting, and much more. When we do these actions, they can steal our cognitive bandwidths. Cognitive attention is substantial as we wake up with full cognitive potential, ability to be productive and creative.

    However, every time we use our phones, we leave the cognitive ability on the screen, or we leave a residue of our attention, also called attention residue. If we turn on the news, read and respond to emails, we are leaving our attention residue over this. Because of which many people are not able to concentrate at 9 am or 10 am. You cannot focus, and your creativity is depleted because of giving your attention to your mobile phone in the morning.

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